Back to the Future

It’s 1993 and you just broke the seal on a shiny new package of floppy discs. You slide the epitome of technological advance into the computer and hear the familiar hum of the hard drive roaring to life. You highlight your chosen files, confidently select save to disk and sit and wait as the unmistakable […]

Have Camera, Will Travel

…So, with that said here’s my pitch: Affordable family photographer eager to showcase your little slice of earth. Available for all manner of portrait needs: weddings, newborns, senior portraits, family photos and more. Have camera, will travel.

Church Camp for Photographers

I just returned from Phoenix where I attended Imaging USA, a national convention for professional photographers from all over the world. While we didn’t play strange games where I had to hold an empty two liter bottle on top of my head while fellow campers spit jello into it trying to be the first to fill the bottle (True story – I didn’t eat Jello for quite some time after that!) what the photo convention did have was that unique ability to leave me motivated to conquer the world – photographically speaking that is.

Location Location Location

Right up there with “what should we wear?” the other question clients are always asking me is “where should we go?” If you are seeking fashion advice you’re reading the wrong blog (see “Dress for Success”). However, for some scenic suggestions please consider some of my favorite go-to locations.

Dress for Success

So, you’ve finally decided the time has come.  You’ve bribed the kids, bargained with Dad and psyched yourself up for it.  You have factored in work schedules, school schedules and nap schedules.  Come scrapes, bruises, bumps, bad attitudes and bad weather you are getting a family portrait.  Now what on earth are you all gonna […]

The Price is Wrong

Raise your hand if your bank account is full and you’ve got money to burn. Yeah, me neither. Raise your hand if you think most photographers are only affordable for those who raised their hands the first time. Yeah, me too. As it turns out capturing our “priceless” memories apparently does have a price, and […]

All in the Family

I am a family photographer in Watsonville and as such it is my privilege to not only photograph families of all shapes and sizes, but to convince the parents in these families that they, too, should be included in the pictures. After working as a photographer for families in Watsonville (and all over) it is […]

Home Again

After living in Orange County for the past six years, I returned to the central coast where I was born and raised to be a full time children’s photographer in Santa Cruz and the surrounding area. I love Orange County and all it has to offer (and anyone who knows me knows that by that […]

Not Just a Photographer

I love being a photographer and can’t imagine not doing it for a living. But, believe it or not being a photographer is not what I set out to do. As a film studies major at the University of Colorado in Boulder I had grand plans of a career in Hollywood. Those grand plans faded […]