Everyone has different priorities when they travel. Some people head straight for the tour of must see destinations and don’t veer from the prescribed itinerary; others do everything within their power to avoid the dreaded tourist traps and kitchy souvenir shops, taking more of a local route blending in with the hometown crowd. Some people take it slow and steady. Others find a whirlwind tour to be more their speed. As with most things in life I tend to fall somewhere in between all the options, taking in a little of everything in my own unique way. What guides my travels most is my camera. I tend to go where the lens leads me. And even better is when said lens can bankroll the whole trip.

As a photographer living on the central coast of California I am beyond blessed. I get to frequent some of the most beautiful places on earth and call it work. The majestic scenery of the California Coastline is my backdrop. But, as lucky as I am to claim California as my home turf, God did not stop there when he was creating his masterpiece. There is a great big world out there packed full of an endless supply of beauty.

On a recent trip to the east coast to visit family and photograph my cousin’s new baby I figured why not book a couple other sessions while I’m there. My original intent was to let my skills as a photographer pay for the trip. What I didn’t expect was the creative outlet found in shooting in a completely different environment. While the oceans and redwoods will always be magnificent, the thick lush greenery of New England was a different kind of beautiful: covered bridges, meandering streams, dense forest and trees that stretch on for days were all in abundance.


A photo shoot in front of the capitol building capped off a visit to Washington DC. Come on, how awesome is that! Just being there is cool enough, but getting paid to hang out and do a portrait session with the grandness and history of the United States Capital as my backdrop is certainly not something I get to do every day.


My time back east got me thinking. Where else could my camera take me? Where else do I know people who might be in need of some portraits? Or better yet, where do I know people who have family and friends who might also be looking for some photographic representation. What other amazing settings and backdrops are awaiting me? So, with that said here’s my pitch: Affordable family photographer eager to showcase your little slice of earth. Available for all manner of portrait needs: weddings, newborns, senior portraits, family photos and more. Have camera, will travel.