I love being a photographer and can’t imagine not doing it for a living. But, believe it or not being a photographer is not what I set out to do. As a film studies major at the University of Colorado in Boulder I had grand plans of a career in Hollywood. Those grand plans faded into the background when 8 years later I was still making the same goofy faces and the same goofy noises as a children’s photographer with a major portrait studio chain. But thanks to God and poor corporate management I got the shove I needed to finally pursue a position in the film industry.

Enter World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation. World Wide is a boutique film distribution company based out of beautiful Huntington Beach California specializing in theatrical distribution of independent and foreign feature films. The company also has an extensive library of classic work. If you happen to be in the market for a classic film DVD you should check out the World Wide Motion Pictures Movie Store. There is a lot that goes into taking a classic on film and turning it into a classic film DVD but I won’t bore you with the details.

In my tenure with World Wide, in addition to working on the technical aspect of making a classic film DVD, I have also had the privilege of representing the company at film festivals, mingling with movie stars, and even working on a campaign for an Academy Award nomination. Through all this I have even had opportunities to use my skills as a photographer.

Overall my long awaited entry into the film industry has been interesting to say the least. While I look forward to long relationship World Wide, nothing will replace my love of taking timeless images to be cherished by families for generations.