“God saw all that he had made, and behold, it was very good” Genesis 1:31

Indeed it is! As a Central Coast and Bay Area photographer I have the distinct advantage of having an endless supply of beautiful and unique settings.

Right up there with “what should we wear?” the other question clients are always asking me is “where should we go?” If you are seeking fashion advice you’re reading the wrong blog (see “Dress for Success”). However, for some scenic suggestions please consider some of my favorite go-to locations.

Do not consider this in any way a comprehensive directory. I love finding new locations. And by “finding” I mean going somewhere a client proposes and then recommending it for future sittings. So, if you have somewhere in mind, or a special place your family loves to frequent, or even just a park down the street don’t hesitate to suggest it. Your little hangout could be my new favorite location.

Hidden Beach

Tucked away in a residential neighborhood of Aptos, Hidden Beach and the adjoining park very much keep to the name. For the variety of venues in one place it can’t be beat.  Iconic California coastline, a lush park with its year round greenery, even a rustic and striking train trestle – Hidden Beach has it all. What it doesn’t have however is lots of parking, the only downside to an otherwise great location.

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Palm Beach

Not your typical stretch of Santa Cruz coastline, Palm Beach is part of the greater Sunset Beach State Park. Sunset Beach is located between the surfer’s paradise of Santa Cruz and the biological bliss of Monterey. A long drive down Beach Blvd ends at a dense grove of eucalyptus which leads you up and over the grassy dunes reminiscent of an east coast seashore.


Mount Madonna

If the beach is a little too sandy for you then consider one of California’s other treasures. The redwoods in California are unmatched anywhere. Mount Madonna County Park provides majestic redwoods nestled in amongst the old growth oaks. And as an added gem the ruins of the Henry Miller Estate provide a captivating locale.


Wilder Ranch

Who doesn’t love old barns? Wilder Ranch State Park takes you back to days gone by and if you happen to visit during one of their special events the whole family can get a little taste of what those days were like. Large white washed walls. Bucolic barns and outbuildings. Fields and fences and farm paraphernalia.


Home Sweet Home

Sometimes the best place to take pictures is right under your nose. Your own home is often times an ideal spot for the most treasured portraits. Don’t underestimate the potential of your home turf. It doesn’t take much and the pictures will be that much more meaningful to you in the long run.

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