After living in Orange County for the past six years, I returned to the central coast where I was born and raised to be a full time children’s photographer in Santa Cruz and the surrounding area. I love Orange County and all it has to offer (and anyone who knows me knows that by that I mean Disneyland!), but it was time for a change. So, why did I choose to be a children’s photographer in Santa Cruz?

First of all I saw a need that I hope to fill.  There are a great many growing families who face a lack of options for quality and affordable portraits. I firmly believe that great pictures shouldn’t have to cost a small fortune.  People should not have to compromise quality in favor of cost. I don’t believe that was readily available…until now.

To further understand why I chose to be a children’s photographer in Santa Cruz all one has to do is look around.  To be a photographer here is to do so in one of the most diverse and beautiful places in the country, if not the world.  From the expansive coastline to the majestic redwoods one could not ask for a more beautiful backdrop.  There is no shortage of breathtaking locations for amazing photo shoots.

Finally, this is where I’m from.  It’s where my family is. It’s where my closest friends are. And, it just so happens that all those people have kids, and those kids need pictures. The only thing better than taking pictures for a living is taking pictures for the people closest to you and calling it “work”.

It has been said that you can never go home again, however, I would have to respectfully disagree, cause I did and it’s great.